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"Director of the resort, and course presenter, is Alan Pepper. He is not some opinionated loudmouth who makes you feel you’re lucky to have drawn him as your instructor for the day. A 25-year veteran of the off-roading game, Pepper is a teacher rather than an instructor. There is a difference."
Gordon Hall, SA Road Tests, 25 November 2015

"Alan Pepper, the 4x4 expert with the soft voice and calm gestures, taught me more about offroad driving than all the other instructors put together..."
Albert Bakkes, Son, 7 December 2014

"With 30 years of expertise and experience, I and I think all who attended the introductory course were all too happy to take in what he was teaching us, and more importantly successfully apply it to the situation in front of us, which we did every time."
Luke Preston, Suzuki Auto South Africa - Blog, 9 Dec 2013

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