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PLEASE NOTE that Bass Lake will be CLOSED until 17/01/2020


Night Diving | Late Entry | Late Exit

Requests for Night diving or late entry / late exit outside of our standard trading hours, must PLEASE BE PRE-ARRANGED and all applicable costs must be PRE-PAID in full. We will not be able to assist you if you have neglected to make the necessary arrangements.

Night Diving Regulations

Night Diving Minimum Requirements (PDF, 105KB)

Please download the Night Diving Minimum Requirements above which need to be complied with, for night diving. Bass Lake requires a written response to these requirements, before a night diving booking will be considered.

Conditions applicable

  1. A R250 Levy fee, per individual and / or per group booking (only when group arrives/ leaves at the same time), applies per late entry/exit (levy payable in addition to gate fees due per person). This fee is payable immediately on receipt of confirmation of arrangement from Bass Lake, and must be made at least 72 hours before arrival.

  2. The LATEST possible EXIT TIME is 9h30 p.m.

  3. Night Diving and/or late exit/entry arrangements and prepayments must be made in sufficient time to enable Bass Lake to give confirmation 72 hours prior to day applicable. If no arrangement confirmed by us and no pre-payment received by us, standard published hours apply.

  4. 100% Compliance with Bass Lake Night Diving requirements document.

We DO NOT GUARANTEE that we will be able to accommodate you on your request to night dive or have late entry/ late exit, to/ from Bass Lake, hence pre-booking is imperative to ensure confirmation of arrangement.

The levy DOES NOT APPLY to visitors camping overnight, or staying in our Lodge Camp Accommodation, so long as no other services are required outside of our normal trading hours and that these visitors do not require exit / entry outside of our standard trading hours. However, all divers wishing to night dive must comply with the night diving requirements at Bass Lake. If no confirmation is given by Bass Lake, no night diving may be carried out by anyone.

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