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Day Visitors

Please note NO pets are allowed at Bass Lake

The Bass Lake Resort surrounds a lake with a surface area of 10-hectares. This lake is spring-fed and the water is of drinking quality with both Large Mouth Bass & Blue Kurper in it.  The area is home to an abundance of birdlife and sightings of a number of small game species have been recorded.

Day visitor costs for adults and children

Please refer to the Rates page. Please be advised that payment for day visits and trailers is payable in cash at the gate, on the day of arrival.

Sites / Thatches

Please refer to Sites: Thatches/ Gazebo Shade Facilities.

We look forward to hosting you, please check all HOURS out on our website too

General Overview

The emphasis at Bass Lake Adventures is to provide an enjoyable and unique environment where people can enjoy their recreation time, where families and friends can enjoy the peaceful, secure environment with guests showing mutual respect to each other whilst always maintaining high safety standards.

Both Day and overnight visitors are welcome. We cater to both Private and Corporate Guests.

Day visitors are welcome at Bass Lake


Please refer to the Rates page for day and overnight entrance fees.


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