Bass Fishing

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May – August
(Our season closes for spawning, at end of August. Fishing resumes at beginning of November):

As it is low season, in this period only, you may arrive at our premises without pre-booking BUT you must read all rules below and be able to comply with all of these rules to be able to use the facility.

The spring-fed Bass Lake with its crystal clear drinking quality water is a great bass fishing venue.  Our lake has Large Mouth- & Florida Bass and Blue Kurper.

Catch & Release Bass Fishing ONLY, “fly-fishing” or “lures” only with barbs removed from hooks. No treble hooks, no live bait, no bank fishing. In May there is NO bank fishing permitted but from June to end of August, due to reduced divers and swimmers, using water, you may fish from the bank, on the west bank, away from other day visitors, swimmers and divers.


  • Permits R100 pppd.
  • On arrival, when collecting your permit an additional refundable R300 is payable per car. This R300 is only refunded if all rules are met.
  • Please also supply ID book
  • OTHER COSTS: ADD gate entry fees and trailer fees, where applicable, per trailer/caravan per day apply: See Rates page
  • All Rules (please refer further detail below) & permits are obtainable at the Coffee Shop on the lower level waterfront. NO FISHING without having first obtained and signed fishing permit, thus accepting ALL rules.

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Other Rules

  • Swimmers and divers will enjoy right of way
  • All fishing activities must cease by 16h00 and all vehicle & boat inspections must be completed by our staff by 16h30
  • No handling of fish without proper competent knowledge. Please ensure you  have a net to avoid carrying the weight of the fish on the hook.
  • No under 16 fishing without adult supervision, by adult who is also fishing
  • All fishing rods to be hand held. No sharing of rods
  • ONLY boats using paddles and/or electric motors are allowed. We do have a 1 x 2 seater and a 1 x 3 seater fishing dingy, and we have kayaks available as well, for hire for the day. See boating and rates.
  • No littering off boat, i.e bottles, cigarette stubs/“stompies”, line thrown overboard, etc.

Our season closes for spawning, at end of August. Fishing resumes at beginning of November.

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