4x4 Adventures

4x4 adventures

"Director of the resort, and course presenter, is Alan Pepper. He is not some opinionated loudmouth who makes you feel you’re lucky to have drawn him as your instructor for the day. A 25-year veteran of the off-roading game, Pepper is a teacher rather than an instructor. There is a difference."
Gordon Hall, SA Road Tests, 25 November 2015

"Alan Pepper, the 4x4 expert with the soft voice and calm gestures, taught me more about offroad driving than all the other instructors put together..."
Albert Bakkes, Son, 7 December 2014

"With 30 years of expertise and experience, I and I think all who attended the introductory course were all too happy to take in what he was teaching us, and more importantly successfully apply it to the situation in front of us, which we did every time."
Luke Preston, Suzuki Auto South Africa - Blog, 9 Dec 2013

We would like to introduce you to a new dimension in off-roading and 4x4 training at Bass Lake.

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Full Day 4 x 4 Training
  Half Day 4 x 4 Training and Ride and Drive Days
  Self Drive 4 x 4 Trail

Full Day 4 x 4 Training

This would include both the introductory (or level 1) & intermediate (or level 2) course consisting of:

Guests would arrive at approximately   08:00 a.m. Tea, coffee, juice, muffins and rusks are served. Indemnities are signed followed by a short talk to illustrate certain off-road principals.

4 x 4 Training is about building driver confidence  

The practical exercises then follow. Exercises include ascents and descents of varying angles, side slopes, vehicle control and a rock bed, with discussion on practical issues.

The object of the course is to build confidence that comes with knowing your vehicle's capabilities, knowing your own capabilities and to equip you with enough knowledge to enable you to make safe decisions off road. All drivers participate in each obstacle, unless you have specific requests.

We pride ourselves on personalised service and attention to your needs. The emphasis is on training. As a result we limit our vehicle numbers, on training courses to maximize your practical experience and enjoyment thereof.

4 x 4 Training exercises include ascents and descents of varying angles   In 4 x 4 training confidence comes with knowing your vehicle's capabilities

A two course lunch is served with tea or coffee. Soft drinks are provided throughout the day. Vegetarians or diabetics can be catered for.

Exercises continue in the afternoon until approximately 4:30 p.m. when guests return to the pub area for receipt of their certificates.

We encourage family attendance as all group members learn a tremendous amount, even if not personally driving.

Guests may stay if they wish and enjoy a drink or two after the day's events.

Costs, including vat for a full day are as follows:


Rates, effective from 1 May 2017

Own Vehicle
R1850-00 per driver *
Non Drivers
R450-00 per passenger *
Children under 13 years
R250-00 per child *

* Please note
  • Costs are fully inclusive of all catering and refreshments up until the end of the practical driving in the afternoon
  • No 2 x 4's allowed
  • 4 x 4 vehicles are available for hire, please contact us to book.


Please contact us to book.
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Half Day 4 x 4 Training or Ride and Drive Days

Please enquire about the various options (team building activities, such as archery can be added to the balance of the day).

The half day, level 1 course comprises an introductory course .

As less is covered, more vehicles can be accommodated, on this basis, should the need should arise.



Prices for team events and corporate days are available on request and depend on whether structured as part of other adventure activities.

Private booking rates- half day training / level 1

Driver: R1,350.00 (includes lunch, soft drinks and welcome tea)

Non driver: R450.00 per person (refer driver catering)

Children under 13 years: R250.00 per person (refer driver catering)

Group Bookings, Team Building, Fun Days & Corporate Days are catered for. Price on application.

Please note:
  • No 2 x 4's allowed
  • 4 x 4 vehicles are available for hire - please contact us to book.


Please contact us to book.
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Self Drive 4 x 4 Trail


Please note that on the weekend of 10/11 & 12 November (our 21st Birthday Bash), the trail will be closed for 4 x 4 self drives. However you are welcome to enjoy a courtesy 4 x 4 drive, in one of our 4 x 4 vehicles on our trail over this weekend.

PLEASE NOTE: NO 2 x 4’s are allowed on the Off-road Trail


The 4x4 trail is open for self driving as per our business hours, except in the case of heavy rain, when the track is closed. If you wish to use the 4 x 4 trail after heavy rain, please call first in morning during business hours (086 893 9190), to check if the 4 x 4 track will be open before driving out.

A maximum of 6 vehicles permitted in 1 group on the trail. Larger groups may stagger departure time on trail.

The length of this trail is 14 km long and has a number of technical sections. If done in full, the trail will take around 3 hours. This trail is a natural track and includes ascents / descents and water sections. Escape routes are available at the difficult sections. The trail is marked with a number system. Rules apply to the use of the track and are printed on the 4 x 4 permit. Please proceed to the waterfront area on the lowest level and visit our outdoor shop where the permit & map are obtainable.

All Self Drive 4 x 4 activities must cease by 16h15 . All 4 x 4 vehicles must report to the waterfront, for deposit refunds, by our staff by 16h30 at the latest.

You are welcome to stay for the balance of the day and enjoy the use of the resort facilities. Please refer Day Visitor's page and Rates page.



The cost for the 4 x 4 self drive permit is R50 / vehicle/ day. Gate entry fees are payable in ADDITION to permit fees.

A R100 deposit/vehicle is required and refundable at the day's end, if all rules have been adhered to.

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